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Automotive retail is not an easy business. Today more than ever before the average dealership is being squeezed by lower margins, higher competition, and tighter regulations. Managers and owners can’t afford processes that are just “pretty good” - every aspect of your dealership needs aggressive optimization for the overall business to succeed.

In a challenging industry, Max Zanan offers a complete automotive consulting service designed to generate serious results. Max is a proven automotive executive with 20+ years of experience selling cars, managing teams, and building businesses. Max and team offer a complete set of services that will improve your dealership in every key area. Read below or contact Max today to get started building a better dealership.

Compliance Tune-Up

Compliance is often the last thing that typical dealership managers think of - until they’re facing a million-dollar fine. As the #1 industry leader in automotive compliance, Max offers a complete compliance solution that will protect your dealership from fines and penalties, and also allowing your team to focus on core operations through an efficient compliance process.

     • Online Traning
     • Onsite Audits
     • Policies & Procedures

F & I Tune-Up

The F&I department is often deeply under-optimized and can hold massive potential to increase profitability. Many dealerships struggle to make money actually selling cars with margins as low as they are today. Your F&I department can drive huge incremental profit if managed correctly. Max will develop a unique and powerful F&I plan for your dealership to drive new profit with each sale.

     • F&I Products
     • F&I Training
     • Reinsurance

Dealership Tune-Up

Max and his team of experts will offer a holistic analysis and action plan of your dealership overall. Max will focus on the major components of the business including the team, the market, competitive dealerships, and financial performance. The overall dealership tune-up will give you the big-picture perspective you need to make effective executive management choices. From hiring, training, and motivating to establishing and maintaining online reputation as well as increasing employee satisfaction and retention

     • Corporate Mission and Values
     • Complaint Resolution
     • Pay Plan Review

Parts/Service Tune-Up

Your parts and service department is a vital component of dealership profits and long-term customer value. Working with Max, you’ll develop a comprehensive parts and service strategy to offer better products, improve sales, maximize technician productivity, and more. In today’s low-margin environment, you can’t afford to have an uncompetitive parts and services offering. Max will show you how to run a best-in-class department that drives new profit and revenue with each car sold.

     • Online Sales
     • Marketing & Merchandising
     • Reconditioning Process

Website Tune-Up

Build a digital dealership that’s ready for the future. Online competition is growing - work with a proven digital pro and get a website that works. Today's consumers expect ease of use, convenience, and transparency when it comes to online shopping. Dealership's website is the first thing your customers will see so consider the power of fist impressions.

     • E-Commerce Solutions
     • Messaging Clarity
     • Why Buy From Us

Sales Tune-Up

Everyone knows that sales is the one department that will make or break your dealership. Many managers are great salesmen themselves, but not always great process builders. Working with Max will go way beyond a typical sales pep talk, into a complete sales process plan, evaluation of tools and strategies, assessment of your team and HR process, and an analysis of how leads are generated and processed and how to improve.

     • Onboarding Process
     • Customer Loyalty Programs
     • Defined Steps To The Sale

Speaking Engagement

Max Zanan is an automotive industry leader with an unparalleled track record in sales, management, and entrepreneurship. An accomplished speaker and presenter, Max enjoys sharing his knowledge and engaging with new communities through speaking engagements.

Private Equity

The automotive retail industry is deeply fragmented. Unlike many industries, car sales has resisted consolidation over the years, with most car dealerships today operating basically as privately owned small businesses.



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