Perfect Dealership: Surviving The Digital Disruption


Paperback – November 7, 2017

Remember travel agencies? They were a thriving business not so long ago. Then online services transformed the industry, and brick-and-mortar travel agencies died--and died more.

Perfect Dealership: The Best Selling Auto Dealership Management Book

The auto industry has changed. This book is your guide to the new reality of retail car sales. Written by Max Zanan, a 20+ year veteran of the automotive industry, Perfect Dealership is your complete guide to succeeding in the new world of car dealership management.

To succeed in 2018 and beyond your dealership needs:

     • A robust compliance strategy
     • Strong F&I products and management
     • A profitable parts and service department
     • Aggressive digital strategies on your website, social media, and more
     • Sales managers following an optimized process leveraging modern tools
     • And much more!

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A Practical Manual for Automotive Retail Success

Perfect Dealership is not a “motivational” sales guide or a rehashing of platitudes. This is a practical, modern, proven guide to growing your dealership, becoming more profitable, hiring and training the right team, implementing effective compliance strategies, and more. This is a guidebook not a novel, and the strategies included in this book have been proven by dealerships all across the country who have relied on Max Zanan’s consulting to build better dealerships.

Reading this book will give you immediate tangible tactics you can apply to operating your dealership today, as well as long-term vision for future success in an industry that is poised to change.


History is filled with businesses that failed to predict the future, failed to adapt to change, and ultimately failed altogether. Consider Blockbuster movie rentals, retail book stores, music publishing and retail businesses, and many others. The automotive industry is poised for a tectonic shift over the next 5 years that will separate the fast-movers and winners from the dinosaurs.

Buy the Perfect Dealership book today and take the first step towards securing a long-term competitive future for your dealership and your career. In times of change, those who can see the future win big and those stuck in the past die fast. Embrace change and build the auto dealership of tomorrow. Buy the book online on Amazon today.