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Max Zanan's mission is to improve automotive retail, one dealership at a time. Max is an entrepreneur, #1 ranked in sales manager, best-selling author, and consultant to dealerships across the nation.
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Automotive Retail Consultant & Author

Max Zanan is the author of two best-selling books on automotive retail management: Perfect Dealership and Car Business 101. Each book is a top-ranked Amazon category leader and both have received many 5-star reviews from prominent car dealership owners and managers. Max’s success as an author, manager and entrepreneur has helped to cement his position as a preeminent voice leading the charge for modernization of the auto retail industry.

Max’s first book Perfect Dealership focuses on providing a practical roadmap for dealership owners, managers and employees to improve their business, compete effectively, and survive the coming digital disruption to the industry. It offers a comprehensive and proven system for management, growth, profit, hiring, compliance and more.

Max’s second book Car Business 101 offers the inverse view compared to Perfect Dealership. Car Business 101 covers some of the most common mistakes, problems, oversights and errors that car dealerships make again and again. Working closely with hundreds of dealerships across the USA, Max has seen the challenges holding dealerships back and pressuring the industry as a whole. Car Business 101 is guide to avoiding “Crazy Shit” and building a winning business.

Both books speak to the central theme of Max’s work and the auto industry’s future direction: how to survive and grow in a landscape that seems poised for major change. The auto retail industry as we know it is facing extension, and a tectonic shift in how consumers approach buying cars is coming. Max’s work is your path to a modern and profitable business or career in a changing world of car sales.


Compliance Tune-Up

Protect yourself from devastating fines and penalties. Build a complete compliance plan with the industry’s foremost expert.

F & I Tune-Up

Unlock powerful profit opportunities within your F&I department. Audit products, training, vendors and team to drive incremental growth.

Dealership Tune-Up

Audit your overall business and make a concrete plan for growth. Consider the big picture of brand, market, team, competition, and more.

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Parts/Service Tune-Up

Launch an extensive investigation into an often under-managed but highly profitable business unit. Improve prices, products, and sales.

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Website Tune-Up

Build a digital dealership that’s ready for the future. Online competition is growing - work with a proven digital pro and get a website that works.

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Sales Tune-Up

Optimize your sales team and process with efficient training, motivating pay plans, and a proven process from a #1 ranked sales manager.

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Perfect Dealership is the book the auto industry needs. With every chapter, Max outlines a modern and structured view of how to run and grow a profitable, ethical, and future-facing dealership. In an industry with little formal more.


F&I income development and compliance go hand-in-hand. Max provides products and training that contribute to the increase in PVR, customer satisfaction, and retention while maintaining full transparency and compliance.

MO Elsheemy
Director of Finance/Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn