Perfect Dealership is the book the auto industry needs. With every chapter, Max outlines a modern and structured view of how to run and grow a profitable, ethical, and future-facing dealership. In an industry with little formal education and few true standards, Perfect Dealership is a handbook for effective automotive management across all levels and departments. Every dealership owner and manager needs a copy.”


“I’ve been working with Max for years, and our dealership has benefitted enormously from his guidance and strategies. The truth that many dealers don’t want to hear is that the industry is changing fast and dealerships need to adapt or die. The processes and concepts outlined in Perfect Dealership are not just important, but frankly are a necessity to future growth and success in an industry that’s getting more competitive by the day.”


F&I income development and compliance go hand-in-hand. Max provides products and training that contribute to the increase in PVR, customer satisfaction, and retention while maintaining full transparency and compliance.

MO Elsheemy
Director of Finance/Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

"The finance department is the backbone of a dealership. If you are going to run a clean, profitable finance department, you need quality products with consistent representation and training. Improved processes translate into higher CSI and customer retention, not to mention higher PVR. Max and his team provide my dealership and finance managers with everything we need to be successful, and they do it well!"

Richard Governanti

"Anyone in the car business knows that the front line is the most important part of the game. You need quality sales people to make the calls and take the Ups. We have struggled with finding long term committed sales people that can get the job done. I was pitched an idea by Max Zanan that made a lot of sense. The idea was to invest in what you have and make the people you have the best that they can be. That’s easier said than done when day-to-day kicks in. I took a leap of faith with IDDS and Max Zanan and it has paid me back tenfold. The sales development is top notch and their motivational mechanics are a real deal. Our company mission is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, our CSI is better than ever and we are delivering more cars, period."

ChRis Gonzalez

Advertising is the second biggest expense in any dealership. Whether you manage your advertising schedule internally or hire and agency, input is critical to insure effective marketing. I hired Max Zanan and his team to give me an Adverting Evaluation.
We started with historical production, looked at my overall message for uniformity, reviewed my Internet presence, and evaluated with extreme detail the effectiveness of traditional media and digital media. By seeing data from other stores in my zone and sharing information with multiple sources I was able to streamline my advertising and focus on what is important. I didn’t have time to do this myself, but Max helped me every step of the way and they were able to put me in contact with some of the industries best providers. Max Zanan is a much-needed ally to any dealer."

Tom Coppola

“Perfect Dealership isn’t just a book: it’s a manual that should be considered required reading for dealership owners and executives. After 20 years in this industry I can tell you honestly that most retail managers don’t understand hard concepts like HR, IT, and compliance they way they should. Car dealerships can’t expect to just fake it anymore. Real training and professional standards are needed and Perfect Dealership is the book to get us there”


"My first experience with Max Zanan and his team was a presentation on using Menus in the finance office. I was closed after that meeting. They showed me how to use the reporting to receive daily updates on my guys, set benchmarks and watch the needle move. They worked with everyone of my finance managers to make sure they used the menu to present 100% of the products 100% of the time, and the results were successful. I would recommend Max Zanan to any dealer"

Harry Potamianos
General Sales Manager/Bay Ridge Honda