About Max Zanan




Max Zanan: Automotive Executive, Entrepreneur, Author, and Educator

Max Zanan is the automotive industry’s foremost management consultant, dedicated to helping dealerships across the nation improve sales, streamline operations, grow sales and margins, and adapt to a changing industry.

Max is the founder and CEO of multiple automotive consulting businesses including Total Dealer Compliance, the #1 brand in automotive compliance, and IDDS Group , a 5-star consulting business with hundreds of clients and success stories. Max is the best-selling author of Perfect Dealership, Amazon’s top-ranked automotive management book, and is recognized across the industry as a preeminent voice leading the charge for modernization of the auto retail industry.

Max and his team work with dealerships like yours every day, improving bottom-line results and setting strategies for long-term success. To contact Max and get started growing and protecting your dealership, request a consultation today.

Max’s Journey Through the Industry

Max was born Moscow and immigrated to the USA in 1992, when he was just 16 years old. Like many immigrants, Max’s initial struggle to adapt to a new country helped fuel his ambition and desire to succeed in America. Graduating with his Master’s Degree in New York, Max immediately entered into the automotive industry and has never looked back.

Max began as a VW salesman in Potamkin New York, and worked his way up through the dealership. By 2005, just 4 years after graduating college, Max was the GM of the #1 ranked Mitsubishi dealership in the country. In 2006, Max became Platform President at Elite Auto Group overseeing 3 dealerships, with 150 personnel delivering over 700 units per month. Max's team averaged $2,800 per retailed unit and over 2 hours per Repair Order, and maintained 45% gross profit in parts department while retaining one of the highest CSI scores in the region

Max held numerous other executive positions in the auto industry, managing some of the largest and most successful dealerships in the US, before venturing out on his own to launch IDDS Group and Total Dealer Compliance, now 2 of the most successful independent automotive consulting businesses in the world.

Most recently, Max wrote and published Perfect Dealership, which quickly become a bestseller in the category and one of Amazon’s highest ranked books in automotive management. All told, Max has seen the automotive industry from every angle, as a salesman, manager, executive, business owner, consultant, and author. Today, he brings his unique insights to his clients across the country, helping dealerships achieve profitable growth in an industry fraught with challenge. To work with Max and his team to build a competitive advantage for your dealership, request a consultation today.