Max Zanan

Automotive Retail Expert,



The ultimate Automotive Consultant, Max Zanan of New York, New York, educates car dealers on how to increase profits by engaging in a more efficient Sales, F&I, Parts and Service process.  He is a seasoned automotive industry Leader with a sustained record of achievement over the last 10+ years.

Max Zanan, Automotive Retail Expert

Born in Moscow, Russia, Max moved to the USA in 1992. Only 16 when he moved, Max had to overcome stuggles to adapt to his new country.  He gained an MA degree, Master of Protection Services and Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY, NY.

Beginning in 2001, fresh out of college, he started selling cars at Potamkin VW in NY, working his way up through all the departments.  By 2005, he was GM of #1 Mitsubishi dealership in the United States. By 2006, Max became Platform President at Elite Auto Group overseeing 3 dealerships, with 150 personnel delivering over 700 units per month.  Max's team averaged $2,800 per retailed unit and over 2 hours per Repair Order, and maintained 45% gross profit in Parts department while retaining one of the highest CSI scores in the region.

Max transitioned from automotive retail into F&I Products and Training, accepting the position of Executive Director with Vehicle Manufacturer’s Services, Hauppauge, NY.  As Executive Director, Max was in charge of the two largest accounts--Atlantic Auto Group, the third largest privately held auto group in the US and Plaza Automall, the highest volume auto group in Brooklyn, NY. Max realized a 300% and 900% increase respectively in F&I product penetration while improving gross profit by $200 per retailed unit.

Currently, as Managing Director, IDDS Group, Brooklyn, NY, he oversees in-depth evaluations of automotive dealer operations, troubleshooting them to rapidly identify areas of underperformance, boosting F&I profitability and compliance, increasing Service Department customer retention, increasing Parts mark-up and inventory turns, improving BDC performance, streamlining workflow,   inter-departmental communication, and reducing costs.

Early in his career, Max realized that successful organizations have a common goal, with all of the departments working together on all cylinders.  Having a clear plan, he broke all sales records, investing in workforce development and anticipating customer's needs.

Creating an accomplished career in Automotive Retail, Max possesses essential expertise in Sales, F&I, and Fixed Ops as well as Business Re-engineering, providing consulting services guaranteed to take every dealership to the next level!

Taking a holistic approach, his team conducts a comprehensive audit of every department, policies and procedures, and produces a report with recommendations and a blueprint to follow.  Their main focus, Net Profit and Continuous Process Improvement, increasing sales, profitability, customer satisfaction and retention.

He has effectively mentored and trained hundreds of Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Finance Managers, Service and Parts Managers.

Married and devoted family man, Max loves soccer, travel, and enjoys his dog. He is fluent in English and Russian and active Member, Greater New York Automobile Dealer Association.  He’s also a supporter of his Alma Mater and the North Shore Animal Shelter.

Max takes great pride in all his achievements, backed with solid teamwork, taking clients' dealerships to the next level . . . and beyond!

Affiliated Companies

IDDS Group

Income Development Dealer Solutions Group specializes in Income Development for Auto Dealers through F&I products and training.  The IDDS Group is a company that was built by automotive professionals, for automotive professionals.  Our staff has 50 + years of extensive automotive retail experience an provide the following services:


IDDS Consulting

Income Development Dealer Solutions Consulting specializes in providing consulting services to the Auto Dealers to maximize their profitability.  IDDS Consulting concentrates on Business Process Engineering and Continuous Process Improvement in order to increase profit while decreasing operating expenses.  IDDS Consulting conducts a comprehensive audit of every department, policies and procedures, and produces a report with recommendations and blueprint to follow.   IDDS Consulting focuses on the following areas of car dealer's operation:


Total Dealer Compliance

Total Dealer Compliance is a compliance-auditing firm with an E-Learning Platform designed to mitigate the risks the car dealer faces from regulators and create a compliance culture that will proactively reduce exposure.

Total Dealer Compliance  has an E-Learning Platform available to all dealership employees for continual education and certification.



General Analysis

Automotive Consulting - Genral AnalysisQualitative and Quantitative techniques designed to enhance productivity, improve processes, and lower cost. Offer business process analysis and improvement capabilities that deliver actionable solutions to address the issues facing Dealer Principals, General Managers and Fixed Ops Directors today. Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators to identify areas of potential growth. Develop performance management systems for automotive retailers desiring to achieve their strategy and objectives by measuring performance outcomes and tracing performance results. Training and technical assistance to develop performance metrics aligned with organizational goals and objectives. Create a uniform strategy where all departments are working towards a common goal.

Finance & Insurance

AFIP Certification

Analyze current performance in order to determine current level PVR and product penetration. Evaluate product offering to maximize customer retention. Institute grid-based pay plans in order to maximize PVR and product penetration percentage. Install an electronic menu to increase compliance and streamline F&I process. Create Re-Insurance vehicles in order for the Dealer Principal to maximize profitability while decreasing tax liability. Develop White Label F&I products to increase customer retention.

Sales & BDC

Sales and BDCEvaluate current sales process, closing ratios, appointment ratios, show ratios, response time for internet leads, phone scripts, and advertising budget/strategy. Create pay plans that reflect overall organizational goal. Provide training assistance in order to improve Steps to the Sale as well as product knowledge.

Parts & Service

Automotive Dealership Parts and ServiceAnalyze customer retention and absorption metrics, work mix, Effective Labor Rate, parts and labor sold per RO, percentage of 1 item RO's, technician proficiency, facility utilization, and staffing. Evaluate competition and develop Marketing and Merchandising plans to attract competitive and maintenance work as well as out of the warranty vehicles. Develop walk around and follow up process designed to maximize upwell opportunities and CSI. Evaluate Warranty Claims process, Parts Obsolescence, Special Orders Process, Quick Lube upsell metrics.


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"The finance department is the backbone of a dealership. If you are going to run a clean, profitable finance department, you need quality products with consistent representation and training. Improved processes translate into higher CSI and customer retention, not to mention higher PVR. Max and his team provide my dealership and finance managers with everything we need to be successful, and they do it well!"

Richard Governanti
General Manager
Security Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

"As a General Manager, you have to wear many hats and you have a lot on your plate. My professional opinion is that it is always a good idea to have an external eye review your operation for piece of mind. I have experienced a few consultants that spend one day in a department and provide an analysis. And although this is beneficial it does not provide a long-term solution. I reached out to Max and his team and their approach was different. They spent a week in my Parts & Service department, interviewed each on of my guys, reviewed my statement and evaluated my processes. At the end of the day Max and his team, and their hands on approach made my Fixed Ops healthier and more efficient. The juice is worth the squeeze."

Peter Zorzy
General Manager
Atlantic Toyota

"Anyone in the car business knows that the front line is the most important part of the game. You need quality sales people to make the calls and take the Ups. We have struggled with finding long term committed sales people that can get the job done. I was pitched an idea by Max Zanan that made a lot of sense. The idea was to invest in what you have and make the people you have the best that they can be. That’s easier said than done when day-to-day kicks in. I took a leap of faith with IDDS and Max Zanan and it has paid me back tenfold. The sales development is top notch and their motivational mechanics are a real deal. Our company mission is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, our CSI is better than ever and we are delivering more cars, period."

Chis Gonzalez
General Manager
Five Towns Auto Group

"Advertising is the second biggest expense in any dealership. Whether you manage your advertising schedule internally or hire and agency, input is critical to insure effective marketing. I hired Max Zanan and his team to give me an Adverting Evaluation.
We started with historical production, looked at my overall message for uniformity, reviewed my Internet presence, and evaluated with extreme detail the effectiveness of traditional media and digital media. By seeing data from other stores in my zone and sharing information with multiple sources I was able to streamline my advertising and focus on what is important. I didn’t have time to do this myself, but Max helped me every step of the way and they were able to put me in contact with some of the industries best providers. Max Zanan is a much-needed ally to any dealer."

Tom Coppola
General Manager
Nissan of Massapequa

"My first experience with Max Zanan and his team was a presentation on using Menus in the finance office. I was closed after that meeting. They showed me how to use the reporting to receive daily updates on my guys, set benchmarks and watch the needle move. They worked with everyone of my finance managers to make sure they used the menu to present 100% of the products 100% of the time, and the results were successful. I would recommend Max Zanan to any dealer"

Harry Potamianos
General Sales Manager
Bay Ridge Honda

"Late last year, Max Zanan presented a complete dealer evaluation program to me the model was intriguing and to be honest I am the type of person that likes to be tested. Max and his team spent 3 weeks at my store, day in and day out. They tore apart every department and opened every door. They established open lines of communication between Sale/Service/Parts and it paid-off in a long run. Bottom line – this was the best move I've ever made. Not only was I able to pick up additional profit and run more efficiently, but also the process made me become a better GM. The icing on the cake is their support. They are always available and they have solutions for any problem. I would say to any dealer looking to hire a consultant to give Max Zanan a shot, you will not regret it!"

Eddie Khodr
General Manager
Kendall Mitsubishi

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